Press and Quotes

“…taking their music scene by storm with their uninhibited and celebratory blend of Southern influences. The folk-rocking quintet is intent on resurrecting American roots music with a contemporary soulful rock flair that will undoubtedly get audience members out of their chairs and grooving along.”

- PopMatters


“An electrifying soulful affair.”

- Americana Music Association


“…one of the most kinetic and absolutely captivating performances…Underhill deliver a

wide range of sounds from stomp-and-holler rock to tenderhearted tales of finer feelings

betrayed. Their upcoming album, Tell Me That You Love Me, will solidify their

reputation as one of Americana’s must-see live bands.”

- DittyTV


"The Mobile-based collective has an intense and irresistible chemistry. The songs on this album are full of chemical reactions that are a pleasure to behold.

Truly, the album is a testament to the power of people working together."

No Depression


“Clearly, the Underhill Family Orchestra feels no pressure to exist within the imaginary confines of genre, and if the group wants to be defined by anything, it’s not their sound, but the culture they’ve been able to create: it’s the idea of community, the idea of family, which applies indiscriminately to everyone from frontman to newest fan.”



"Spinning on an axis of catchy, stomp-and-holler folk influenced by Southern rock and progressive pop, the band is full of call-and-response and five-part harmonies, playing like some combination of the Lone Bellow, Skinny Lister, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.”



“A stomping Soul hootenanny

The Alternate Root


"This is an Americana band that actually sounds like they're having a great time, and it's infectious.

Give this video a look - it's hilarious - then give the album a listen - you won't regret it.”

Farce The Music


“Their debut, Tell Me That You Love Me, covers a lot of ground with just 10 tracks, from the horn-heavy funk on “When the Trumpet Sounds,” the soulful call and response on 'Wooden Hymnal in C,' the delicate ballad 'On the Wind' through to the gothic/almost hard rock gospel of 'Oh Spirit, Bring Me Home.' The band’s refusal to stick to a specific genre template on this record just adds to their appeal. With such an impressive opening salvo, it will be interesting to see what they offer for a second act.”

NeuFutur Magazine


“This is what Americana music is all about. Where some might here the easy comparison of the Lumineers,

I actually get more of an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros vibe on this… and I freaking love it.”

Ear To The Ground


“…gorgeous roots flavoured vibes. The mixed vocals and harmonies are sublime,

the band create a feisty backdrop, this really is 'more please’ music.”

Beehive Candy


“Effortless, sweetly affecting and down-right irresistible, The Underhill Family Orchestra are that kind of band that makes you grateful to be alive.”

Step Inside This House


"The Underhill Family Orchestra is a foot stompin’, guitar pickin’, smiles-all-around good time. They aren’t just Blues, or Gospel, or Americana, or Rock, or Pop, but a seamless blend of it all that makes for a fun, ever-changing musical performance. If you have the chance to see them live, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to spend your night."

--Suburban Roads